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    We are newcomers from Parallel Plane 93. We hyperjump around the infinite universe to discover the most creative minds, steal them, transform their art into pieces, and save them as phygital NFTs. The Collectionist, guided by the Eye of Dulthri, is our mastermind and the Ark's captain. We are looking for agile adventurers who hunger to explore an unspoiled form to collect art and pioneer a community
    Only phygital creations will survive!
    Phygital is The Collectionist's new way of collecting NFTs that links digital pieces with genuine, authentic physical experiences. Each collection stored in the Ark is different and allows you and the collector's community to access specific events, invitations, special offers, and many more surprises.
    A different kind of membership!
    Being a part of the Ark is available for everyone! How can you join us? By purchasing an NFT from our collections, you get a digital identity that opens the doors to our CLUB.
    This community grants you rare, unique, and limited digital pieces plus experiences like participation in some events, special offers, physical samples, and much more. If you are a club member, you will be the first to know what collection comes next into the Ark.
    Custo Barcelona
    Available soon
    Available soon
    Available soon
    Available soon
    We are here to stay!
    The Collectionist arrived to fill the Ark with as many NFT collections as possible. Every member of his crew knows the strategy and plays a role in it. You need to know it too.
    Receive from the Eye of Dulthri the coordinates.
    Send the Sniffers to discover the minds to steal.
    Plan and execute the robbery.
    Put in operation the meta-cocktail shaker to transform the creator's mind into phygital pieces.
    Fill the Ark's vault with the new NFT phygital collections.
    Enroll new crew.
    Start over until we save all creator's minds of the Parallel Universe.
    You can keep a unique piece in your wallet and maybe another place!
    How to buy
    To get an Ark item, you will need a few things, a MetaMask wallet and some Matics. Stick around and find out more.
    Our initial sale is about to start soon. Register here if you want the one-and-only opportunity to buy and have access earlier
    Digitization without destruction.
    The future of collecting
    The Collectionist saw from the Ark how collecting is limited to small niches like art, stamps, coins, cards, etc.
    Our proposal is to rediscover the value of some forgotten pieces such as never heard songs, never read poems, never seen photographs, forgotten designs and turn them into unique collections. The result will always be collectible NFTs associated to singular physical experiences. Nothing will be lost.
    The Collectionist is what you never imagined could be done!
    “The Geeky”
    Focused, thinker, cloud dweller. He is the builder of The Collectionist’s plans with the ability to operate any technological equipment. He thinks before he speaks and remains silent even though he has a lot to say.
    “The Nester”
    Simple, precise, capable of creating realities and nests to execute robbery plans to fill the vault's ark. He is passionate about his tasks, playful and sarcastic and ambitious. It always goes beyond the plan.
    “The Dreamcatcher”
    He wants to be the brightest star on all planes. He is motivated, romantic, strong and the most creative of the entire crew. He is capable of catching dreams with its light, deciphering and making them come true.
    “The Sniffers Hacker”
    He is a fast, charming, brave explorer and a true leader to the Sniffers with the best nose in the parallel universe. Able to search infinitely in the present for the best pieces and paths for the ark. He is a species tamer who speaks his mind constantly.
    “The Cloud Writer”
    He is intelligent, friendly, peaceful, committed, and able to understand, speak and write in all languages to invite new members to join the crew. He is solution-oriented, always on the move, loves change, and is the change maker.
    “The Traveler”
    He is a veteran, friendly, party soul with more trips on the ark. He is a musician and fighter, capable of creating strategies to conquer all kinds of territories. He always welcomes the new crew members.
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