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    Custo Barcelona
    Pioneer edition released
    First find, first robbery, first success.
    Our sniffers have colonized Custo's greatest asset: his mind. Now they watch with satisfaction at the spreading of the extraterrestrial spore. Mutations, variations, reflections. The border between reality and dreams is blurred.
    A new approach to enjoy collecting.
    The Collectionist stole Custo Barcelona's mind and transformed his famous designs into valuable NFT. These pieces are unique, rare and exclusive. They will bring you closer than ever to their creator, allowing you to experience your favorite brand like never before. Register and follow us on social media to join our Club.
    Let's take a look at their anatomy....
    The NFTs are a digital representation of #CustoBarcelona's most beloved, but forgotten designs. Each of these NFTs are unique, some are more fun and flashy than others. It's their attributes and associated experiences that make them so special.
    Generation to which it belongs.
    Exact position in the family tree.
    Gen id
    Pattern and form detected by AI.
    Patter and shape
    Abstract ornate
    Level of associated experiences.
    % of human content.
    Human Factor
    % of artificial intelligence content.
    Machine Factor
    The family tree
    The first generation is the result of mixing the original designs with the magic of AI in the meta shaker. And so on, until the 3 generations are completed.
    The AI quadruples the original designs at each iteration, like the chords of an opera gone mad. The closer to the original, the closer to the creator.
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